Lena Kühl / Denmark

Fuzzy Boundaries

… may refer to the way I paint, to my reluctance to sharply define both the object of the painting and the story – the narrative is rarely quite obvious and the interpretation may differ from person to person. I do hope however that my paintings will pass on some of my wonder and admiration for the life that goes on around us. I am interested in how we are able to identify the things in our surroundings in a way that make a conversation about what we see possible and where we so to speak are on uncertain ground – for instance we look at something in the field and I may see a cow and the person standing next to me will se a rock or a giant. another day someone will see a mist and another a ghost. I have no idea or plan for what will eventually show up in the paintings, and I often change forms and colours in the process or some times start all over. in the end all the elements also the ones you do not see have some impact on the final result in the end it is all about emotions.


Jon Gislason /Denmark

Warum Nicht? or Why not?

I write more tomorrow!
Big hugs Jon